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Editorial Guidelines

Writers' guidelines

Equestrian News is a monthly, glossy printed magazine with feature articles, interviews, coverage of major events in Australia and overseas plus some great personality profiles, lifestyle articles about property and much, much more. The purpose of our editorial is to educate, entertain, and enable amateurs and professionals to contribute.

Feature articles

Equestrian News welcomes freelance submissions and queries from freelance writers. Equestrian News has dedicated journalists, copy writers, proof readers and designers ready to work on material and projects each month.
Feature articles are generally between 1,200 to 1,800 words, and they should be typed and submitted as a Word document. It is always a good idea to talk to us first before sending in an article. Allow at least eight weeks for a reply. Please note, submitting a piece of work does not confirm acceptance to publish. If accepted we reserve the right to change or alter/edit any material prior to publishing.
Amateur writers can send in editorial for our copy writers to re-word for publishing, please contact us to arrange for one of our team to work with you and your needs.

Event write-ups

News stories should include a synopsis of the competition or event (who, what, where, when, and why), results of major winners if applicable, and photos. For a small, one-day show, 300 words are acceptable for the writer to highlight the action. For a larger show, 500 words are preferred. All submissions should be sent in a Word document.
Please give priority to important details of the competition while avoiding unnecessary filler information and repetition of results. For instance, if there was a close class and riders were called back for a ride-off, provide who they were and what they were asked to perform. If there was a particularly big winner throughout the show, an interview and some background information on that person would be interesting to readers. Please enquire about covering an event before submitting your work, all queries for news stories can be submitted to


Equestrian News accepts high-resolution color photos (minimum 300 dpi, at least 4x6 inches) from amateur and professional photographers to accompany feature articles and news stories. If you’re sending in photos to accompany a news story and they are taken by a professional photographer, written permission must be obtained from the photographer and sent with the submission. All photos should be clear, with non-busy backgrounds whenever possible. Please enquire about submitting photographs before supplying.

Rights, deadlines and payment

Where a work is submitted unsolicited and accepted by Equestrian News, the Contributor grants to Equestrian News an exclusive option to publish for the period from the date of the submission to the date of acceptance, along with general web and facebook rights. The deadline will be discussed at the time of acceptance.

Other notes

• When writing news stories and feature articles, please do not abbreviate words, and be sure to write in full sentences.
• Always read over your article (it is helpful to read to yourself out loud) before submitting it.